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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources

Two websites from St Vincent's Hospital with culturally appropriate content, featuring images, animations, videos and stories that you can use with your patients. 

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Homepage of St Vincen'ts Hospital Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patient resource page

St Vincent's Hospital website on information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Acute Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease

Australian guidelines for prevention, diagnosis and management  of acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease. 

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Heart foundation landing page for Guidelines for acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Many resources on the teach-back technique for health care providers. The teach-back technique is used to ensure that health providers have explained medical information clearly so that patients and their families understand what is communicated to them. This intervention includes several materials to support adoption.

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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality logo

Alcohol consumption

Easy-to-understand information from the Heart Foundation on heart-healthy drinks.

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Homepage for Heart foundation heart-healthy drinks page  

Alcohol consumption - Our World in Data

Comprehensive resource on world wide alcohol consumption. 

Our World in Data: Alcohol Consumption. Article by H. Ritchie & M. Roser. 

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Screenshot of Our World in Data alcohol consumption webpage

Alcohol’s Effects on the Cardiovascular System

Alcohol's effects on the cardiovascular system. 

Article by Mariann R. Piano 

To access the article, click here

Ambulance Cover

WAVICSA, or NT Buying an ambulance subscription with your state ambulance service provider is required to ensure you are covered for all ambulance services, not just emergency.

QLD or TAS You are automatically covered for ambulance services through your state government within your state. Check with your state ambulance service provider for details regarding national cover and non-emergency transport.

NSW and ACT Residents in their home state, government works with your hospital cover for emergency transport. 


Angina is temporary chest pain or discomfort caused by the coronary artery becoming blocked by plaque and the heart not getting enough blood and oxygen.

The cause is usually coronary heart disease, but it is not the same as a heart attack because the symptoms are usually temporary and there is no permanent damage to the heart.

Atrial Fibrillation

Guidelines and clinical information on Atrial Fibrillation.

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Link to Heart Foundation Atrial fibrillation clinical guidelines

Australian Bureau of Statistics

1. The National Health Survey: First results. This survey presents key findings for health statistics including long-term health conditions; mental wellbeing; and health risk factors. To access the survey results, click here 

2. Causes of death, Australia - 2019. Statistics on the number of deaths, by sex, selected age groups, and cause of death classified to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). To access the information, click here

3. Australian Health Survey: Nutrition First results – Foods and Nutrients. Provides a snapshot of food and nutrient consumption. Analysis and data cubes include average consumption and proportion derived from each food group. To access the information, click here. 

Logo for Australian Bureau of statistics