Purpose of this learning module

  • Designed to provide you with the most important information to give to your patients during their hospital stay after a heart attack and/or angina diagnosis.
  • Explains concepts in a way that is consistent with health literacy principles and provides examples for use in your patient education.
  • Equips you with a patient education toolkit including the Heart Foundation’s Six Steps to Cardiac Recovery Conversation Guide and the My Heart, My Life patient support program, to support you to make a genuine difference in your patients' lives.

Who should complete this learning module?

  • Healthcare professionals (primarily nurses) caring for patients following a heart attack and/or angina diagnosis.

Why should you complete this learning module

  • Patient education in hospital plays a crucial role in recovery from a heart attack and/or angina and preventing future heart events. 
  • The Heart Foundation’s Heart Attack Patient Survey 2020 found that there is a strong interest from patients who have had a heart attack to receive information on medications, managing high blood pressure, returning to everyday activities and nutrition and exercise. 
  • The learning module will assist you to meet the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards in your practice and will support you in your education discussions. 

What the learning module does not intend to cover

  • Comprehensive clinical details required to manage heart attack and/or angina. 
  • Other heart conditions.
  • Resources for more clinical information can be found at the end of this learning module under ‘where to find further information’ www.heartfoundation.org.au.

How to use the learning module

  • The module takes approximately two hours to complete, and you can undertake the course in one stage or complete it in smaller blocks. You may return later by logging back in, your progress will be captured so you do not have to restart the learning module.
  • Once you have successfully completed the learning module, assessments and evaluation survey, a certificate of completion will be available to download. 
  • References and resources to use in your practice and with patients can be found at the end of the learning module. 
  • You will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained by answering practical case study scenario questions throughout the module. 
  • The learning module includes bonus self-reflection activities and practice-based scenarios to use in your practice, these can be downloaded.

For support or questions

Please email contactus@heartfoundation.org.au for any support requests or queries.