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Insight Heart phone application

This can be used as a patient and professional teaching tool. Uses an augmented reality model of a human heart to explain normal heart function, myocardial infarction, arterial hypertension, and atrial fibrillation. Cost approx. $4

To view the website, click the image below

Image of landing page for Fantastrial digital cardiology

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Global Burden of Disease Study for 2019.

To discover the world's health data, click the image.  

Logo for IHME data


Lipid management

Clinical information, tools, resources and guidelines for lipid management.

Click the image to visit the website

Landing page for the heart foundation lipid management, clinical information, and resources


Measuring your blood pressure at home

blood pressure

Medication - NPS Medicine wise

For information on medications and to search medications for Acute Coronary Syndrome and their indications/contraindications, click the image.

NPS Medicinewise webpage

For patients to keep track of medicines and access important health info anytime and anywhere, especially in emergencies, your patients might find the NPS Medicinewise app very useful. It if funded by the Department of Health. Click on the image to view the app. 

Image of NPS medicinewise application on phone

My Heart My Life Booklet 2021

My Heart My Life Booklet

My Heart My Life program

Health professionals can test the program and sign-up their service or clinic.

Click on the image to visit the website

Image of my heart my life landing page

My Heart, My Family, Our Culture

An information booklet for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients after they have had a heart attack or angina.

Cover page of information booklet called My Heart, My Family, My Culture

My Heart, My Life - The program

A free Heart Foundation program for patients who have had a heart attack or angina. They receive an information booklet in hospital if your hospital is registered with the program. Patients must sign up to receive book two, this will be sent to their home. 

Click image to visit the website

Image of landing page for heart foundation recovery support and resources


Nutrition - Free Heart Foundation resources

Patients can download the Heart Foundations e-recipe books. Click on the image to access the site

Image of free ebook on healthy eating from the Heart Foundation

You can also recommend the Heart Foundations Healthy recipes and Heart Healthy Dinner plan to your patients.

Heart Foundation website for nutrition information and video on portion sizes can be found here.

Please note, this e-learning is updated regularly but please note that our resource offerings may change

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