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Nutrition - Free Heart Foundation resources

Patients can download the Heart Foundations e-recipe books. Click on the image to access the site

Image of free ebook on healthy eating from the Heart Foundation

You can also recommend the Heart Foundations Healthy recipes and Heart Healthy Dinner plan to your patients.

Heart Foundation website for nutrition information and video on portion sizes can be found here.

Please note, this e-learning is updated regularly but please note that our resource offerings may change

Nutrition position statements

The position statements include:

Heart Healthy Eating Patterns
Meat and Heart Healthy Eating 
Eggs and Heart Healthy Eating 
Dairy and Heart Healthy Eating 
Dietary Fat and Heart Healthy Eating
Fish and Seafood 
Phytosterol/Stanol Enriched Foods 
Heart Foundation Nutrition Recommendations (2019)

Click on the image to visit the website

Heart foundation web page for nutrition position statement