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Carer Gateway Support

For information and resources for carers, call 1800 422 737

Click the image to visit the website

Logo for Carer Gateway


A video created by the New Zealand Heart Foundation that explains cholesterol.

Click on the image to view the video

Screenshot of a Youtube clip from the New Zealand Heart Foundation on cholesterol

Cholesterol and heart health

Easy-to-understand information from the Heart Foundation on blood cholesterol. 

Click the image to view the site.


Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes

National Heart Foundation of Australia & Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand: Australian Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes 2016

Authors: Chew DP, Scott IA, Cullen L, et al

To view the article, click here

Clinical pathways management of chest pain

Pdf of iCCnet CHSA management of chest pain and suspected acute coronary syndrome. 

Click the image to read the pdf

Link to pdf of CHSA management of chest pain

Common investigations in cardiovascular disease

Paper by Heart Online.

Click image to access the paper or dowload PDF file.

Logo for Heart online

Consumer Health Information Needs and Preferences: A review

It is important to understand consumer communication preferences for healthcare information content and access points. 

This rapid review presents a summary of the evidence around consumers’ needs and preferences for information about healthcare safety and quality.

Click on the image to view the report

Title page of review into consumer health information needs and preferences.

Consumers Health Forum of Australia

CHF was engaged and funded by NPS MedicineWise as the lead agency to plan and implement a project, Consumer Health Literacy Segmentation Research.

The Consumer Segmentation Research contributes to improving consumer health literacy as it relates to quality use of medicines (QUM) through the implementation of research to:

1. Understand the current status of health literacy amongst Australians

2. Inform future NPS MedicineWise Grant activities

3. Support the principles and objectives of the National Medicines Policy.

To access the final report, click the image.

Consumers Health Forum of Australia logo

Coronary angiogram

Coronary angiogram is a procedure to view the coronary arteries, to work out which ones may have narrowed and in the case of a heart attack the location of the blocked vessel. Also called catheterisation.

Visit this great site by St Vincent's Hospital about Angiograms

Coronary arteries

Coronary arteries : The blood vessels that supply the heart are called coronary arteries; they sit on the surface of the heart. They are approximately the size of a charging cable. My Heart, My Life Booklet One chapter one has a good image of coronary arteries.



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